Located on the State Road SS16 Adriatica, in the north part of Porto San Giorgio (FM), Villa Montanari rises on a gentle hill, that was once directly on the sea.

When its building works ended in the second half of the 19th century, Porto San Giorgio had already become a renowned seaside resort: some years before, in 1883 the famous Italian writer Gabriele D'Annunzio had even chosen this small Adriatic town to spend the honeymoon with his young bride Maria Hardouin Duchess of Gallese.

Two massive pillars of two-tone bricks sormounted by vases in NeoRenaissance style welcome the visitors at the entrance of the property and a tree-lined avenue winds its way through the park. Some suggestive hairpin turns between ancient large-leaved lindens and wild rose bushes lead to the north side of the villa.

The building differs from other villas on the Piceno territory because of its compact structure.

As a matter of fact it was built around 1880 by the talented clinician Francesco Montanari, founder of the Porto San Giorgio Civil Hospital, who projected the villa as a care and/or convalescent home, taking advantage from the beneficial properties of the sea breeze. 

Two symmetrical wings, originally intended as service areas, extend from the east main body of the villa and surround an inner courtyard, accessible through two wooden portals: from the main body and from the west side of the garden. This building layout is quite uncommon in the territory of Fermo. On the ground floor there are the drawing rooms overlooking the garden, a frescoed dining room and the old lemon house, as well as the grand airy staircase leading to the first floor, where a large gallery gives access to the rooms. 

Around the villa, the enchanting park includes grass, flowers, bushes, olive trees and a small wood of pine trees and ancient Mediterranean plants typical of this territory. Both the villa and the park are particularly well cared by the owners personally, whose love and passion for history and traditions are visible in each detail.


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