Swimming Pool Rules


  • The swimming pool is NOT warded: its use is at your own risk.

  • Children can enter the water only under the supervision of parents, relatives or guardians.

  • It is compulsory to shower prior entering the water.

  • It is forbidden to lay towels or leave any other object on sun-beds, chairs and tables to reserve them. 

  • While sunbathing the use of a towel on the sun-bed is compulsory, to avoid damages or spots due to sweat, sun creams and lotions.

  • To respect other cultures and different ages, topless swimming and sunbathing, as well as nudism, are forbidden. Please change your bathing suits in the appropriate areas. 

  • While using the outdoor shower you are kindly requested to minimize water consumption. 

  • Proper swim attire is required: babies with swim diapers if not toilet trained; children with swimsuit; adults with bikini, swimming trunk, burkini and bathing suits. In the water underwear, lingerie and tunics are not allowed.   

  • Under the outdoor shower and in the swimming pool it is absolutely forbidden to rinse or wash towels and any piece of clothing. The use of soap, bath foam, shampoo, and detergents is also strictly forbidden, as well as the use of hair colours.

  • It is moreover strictly forbidden: 

  • running at the border of the pool

  • jumping into the water 

  • pushing people and throwing objects into the pool

  • spitting, especially in the water

  • The use of fins, snorkelling and diving equipment, swimming aids, inflatable objects and balls in the water is permitted only after explicit approval by the owners.

  • No food or drink is allowed in the pool area and in the water. 

  • Glass and ceramic containers (bottles, glasses, baby bottles etc.) are not allowed, neither in the pool area nor in the water.

  • Please avoid to disturb other guests shouting or playing.

  • Any pollution or contamination of water, equipments and/or facilities is strictly forbidden. 

  • Please treat the pool area, equipments and facilities with care. In case of improper use, the visitor is liable for the resulting damages.



In the evening, please don’t leave any object (towels, bath suits, shoes, toys, bags, etc.) in the swimming pool area. 


For any damage, theft or loss of personal belongings, the owners and/or other workers of the Villa shall not, under any circumstances, be held responsible.